Mushroom Cloud of Poo

So recently, I read an article about the spread of bacteria when you flush the toilet with the seat up. Now I can’t get this image out of my head every time I’m in the restroom.

Thanks, science. 

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Just Sayin’….


Dear Rachel Dolezal….
It’s been done before.


… And if I remember correctly, it pretty much ruined his career as well.

All Black Folks.

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You Know You’ve Been on the Internet Too Much When….

You see the pic below and someone has to tell you it’s a wine stopper.


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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Man, did I ever need that break from everything.

Having gotten back from a brief family vacation, I feel particularly renewed and refreshed….and I’m actually happy to be at work.

Y’know, when I was a kid, I don’t ever recall my dad taking the time to go on vacation. This is another one of the “patterns of behavior” that I’m choosing to break during my tenure as a father. …and might I add, we had a blast.

It was particularly poignant for me because I, along with my wife, felt like I needed that trip back to the place where we spent our first 4 years as a couple. We left under far less than perfect circumstances; and were both very unhappy at the time of our departure in 2012. To return for “fun” allowed us to finally say “goodbye” to that chapter in our lives.

There was a lot I had to forgive myself for. ….and now it’s time to move on to other things. I almost feel like I need to move on, not only for my own sake, but for the sake of my kids too. Settling into a quiet family life has been extremely therapeutic for me; but I also don’t want to settle into mediocrity either. There are some more things that I need to accomplish.

I¬†love being funny on my blog; but not everything I have to say is humorous. One of the things I lost with the passing of my father back in 2000 was an opportunity to get into his head and see what the man was all about. I kind of owe this to my kids, as it’ll give them a chance to ask “what would Dad do in this situation” long after I’m gone. I know that sounds a tad morbid; but heck, we have to capabilities to continue to speak to our kids after our passing. May as well leave them with a legacy…..

Anyway, I’m gonna be all over the place, and will probably reference not only my old humor blog, but also the martial arts one as well. Phase 2 of this journey¬†will take you, the follower, deep inside my head.

…so hang on…..


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From WAFB News : Harrison Ford crash-lands plane in Los Angeles

Because he’s Harrison Goddamn Ford. That’s why.

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It has the other cat’s amoebas in it…


My cat, Patches, is so weird that you have to put bowls of water all over the house in order to make sure he drinks. He won’t drink from his designated water dish….. I’m guessing because “another cat drinks there”.

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Just so you know..  Southern Louisiana attracts thurough drunks. Gotta hit the cop car two times just to make sure they know you’re blasted….

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